Ryan Swanson Photo
Broken Promises are nothing new
It was hard to give up, but once gone I never missed it
up and over
Retired, living in Florida together
It looks like california but it's not
Forgotten but not disturbed
Just a suggestion
The robbers got away
This is what the partner card is for
Game with fighters
I really want a virtual reality headset thing
Stop mumbling. Please just say what you mean
Across the coals and down the slide
Is your asshole brother behind this?
It only happened once, never again
Recently after the last time it rained
That one time in college
I honestly didn't think they'd break up
Breathe into your right side
On the downside theres always more
They are starting to ask questions
Opposite tastes
Plus size models are just regular people
It's fractured, but I'll be ok
I'm quitting my job today
A rapid decline of events
Shoes, not shoes, shoes, not shoes
When I found you it was forever
It was sensitive before
A rectangle never flies by night
How are you going to do your best today
The other side of forty
Dark tides roll in
The one that had her shoes in it was better
Happy day / sad day
The one by the jazz bar
I'll take the one on the end
Sad no, powerful yes
Zag for Zig
I always look behind me
Remember criss cross
I thought it was for bush
I wouldn't call it that
I hate it when you act like this
What were those stickers for anyway
It's such a smart thing to say
landscape painting
Pretend the horseshoes aren't there and it's kind of great
It was a perfect landing
From when I was a teacher
When it ends it just begins again
A picture perfect oasis on the 9th floor
The best presentation I never gave
Flat side on the wrong side
Out of the woods
Worst day ever.
Take two
The DA is all over me about that blood report
Once upon the aftermath
After the third Thursday of the month
I was the second runner up, but I didn't want to win
winter when the subway is warm
Thats why four year olds are the best
Sometime before the fall
Spotted problems lie with strangers
Ask the Oracle
Thats why they say bloke
Rooms to frieze time in
Landing strip
Right through the middle
Flat but not forgotten
If thats all you got...
It's what you think it is
jackknife counteraction
It's the only time I get to spend time alone with her
It's worse when there is no drama
Rustic Flatware
Another thanksgiving has been ruined
It's good when you let go
I can't believe I had to pay $8000 in taxes
We fell in love on a cruise
It's between those two doors, there is a line
Theres always something you can do
Another breeze
I'm so rich I avoid the sales sections
Fourth grade social studies class
It's only temporary, but it's also forever
Gold stars all around
Flat scope project
I'll take the one on the right
Hot face, wet legs
It's like that sculpture we saw in china
Sweating makes anything better
The facts are still the same
True to temperament
Stegosaurus fabuolus
Love of my life
When I used to be the person who saw this everyday
oh god this wine is awful
She'll learn to tie it right
A forgotten hero never dies
You couldn't have known, no one did
It's just another set back, but we'll get through it
Angry walking six beers in
Things my yoga teacher says
Awkward Acquaintances
This is why I got fired
I am Ed Rusha
Foggy mornings
All the places
Sometimes it's good to be blindfolded.
Once when or never
You can paint over it all you want. The ghost is still there
First jobs and low exceptions
I think the new one looks just like the old one
The last time you run out of fabric
The right time isn't always the first time